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Mitra Infotech is specialized in ERP application development and ERP customization. We offer ERP solutions for SMEs and Big enterprises ERP development and customization.

Our technological expertise helps us provide best solutions in ERP development, customization, implementation and integration. In addition to handling all functions of an organization such as Sales, Materials, Finance, Human Resources and Payroll, Production and Planning among others, we offer a unique ability to integrate your functioning with that of your customers, suppliers and multiple branches or locations. Using the latest technologies, we have the ability to offer you all benefits of Enterprise automation along with benefits of e-commerce, including collaborative computing, CRM and SCM.


Our ERP solutions cover the following modules:

  • Accounts & Finance
  • Purchase
  • Materials Management
  • Inventory
  • Production and Planning
  • Sales
  • Supply Chain
  • Human Resource
  • Payroll
  • CRM
  • Project Management

Currently ERP market is experiencing a transformation from vertical product-centric architectures into horizontal customer-centric architectures. The horizontal approach is more loosely coupled and adaptive. It is built for an era of specialization. Hence we always recommend customers this enterprise SOA approach to ERP application development.

Our ERP application development approach:

  • Adaptability to the Internet: Internet enabled ERP solutions which provide anytime, anywhere access is a growing trend
  • Integration and flexibility: Integrating two applications from the same vendor is generally a challenge, but integrating applications from a variety of vendors is further difficult, which is major requirement for current ERP solutions. We use our technological expertise and other integration standards for development and integration of current ERP solutions with other applications in organizations.
  • Embracing e-business: Today the demand for integration of e-business services such as CRM, Business Intelligence, E-Procurement and supply chain management solutions within ERP platform has increased drastically. Our ERP solutions meet all these demands.
  • Reaching out to new users: Using ERP data by multi-enterprise users, mobile users