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Custom mobile applications provided to your consumers, team members or other stakeholders can add considerable value to your brand. We bring to the table cross-platform mobile application development and UI/UX capabilities to create powerful and intuitive B2B and B2C applications that address the needs of your target audience. While we have worked extensively on building applications for Android using native as well as HTML5 technologies, our expertise is not limited to these platforms.

mobileapplication development

Mobile Websites

A mobile website can expand your reach many fold. Developing a mobile website is subject to a variety of constraints, but the most challenging one is providing a seamless browsing experience to the end user. At Neev, we thrive on creating interfaces for websites that adapt to different mobile handsets and give the user a smooth browsing experience.

Enterprise Mobility

With more users browsing the web through mobile devices, the ability to provide web-based services on the mobile platform becomes an imperative. We have vast experience integrating services onto the mobile platform while preserving features and security.

Mobile SDKs

Developing SDKs has been our forte. We have helped ISVs create platform and application specific SDKs for their down-stream development.

Porting Solutions

The dynamic nature of mobile markets always throws up the issue of new platforms and formats being deployed. We have developed processes to port applications across platforms efficiently, thereby eliminating the problem of limited compatibility for your applications.